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We are an organization that loves fast pitch softball. For 20 years, Sting has been a staple in the Hampton Roads Community offering young ladies an affordable means to play the sport they passionately love. We work hard at fostering a friendly and family environment for all. We are always looking for members that love fast pitch softball and cares about the youth in our communities.

Sting Girls Fast Pitch Softball is a bingo funded organization which allow us to offer the following:

  • A one-time low annual registration and sponsorship fee with NO MONTHLY DUES and NO FUND RAISING EVENTS!

  • Discounts on annual fees if paid in full by deadline

  • Players receive Uniforms, equipment bags, and helmets

  • Players’ transportation, food, and lodging paid for when teams travels

  • Organization pays half of the winter conditioning fees

  • Payment plans available, if necessary


  • Indoor facility

  • College softball field access

  • Private softball field and access to several field

  • Each team receives a travel trailer

  • State of the art equipment and training aides


  • Best winter conditioning program in Hampton Roads (SPEED by Rick Cox) & VERTEX Performance

  • College Scholarships

  • College recruiting

  • Dedicated and hardworking coaches

  • Internal upward transition for all age groups

  • College pathway for hardworking and dedicated players


  • Stable organization with 20 years of fast pitch softball representation! Still going strong!

  • Since 2005, over 50 players signed to play NCAA/NAIA/JUCO softball

  • Over 2.3 Million in athletic scholarships

  • Players signed to play in: Virginia, District of Columbia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Colorado, and New Mexico

The process is simple! If you are a serious, dedicated, hardworking and coachable individual then:

  1. Attend our scheduled tryouts in August. If you missed our tryout then:

    1. Contact the Sting Head Coach that coaches at your current age

    2. Introduce yourself to the Sting Coach

    3. Inform the coach that you would like a tryout

    4. Come prepared and work hard at your tryout



One benefit of being part of the Virginia Sting Girls Fast Pitch Softball Organization is the opportunity for players to earn scholarship money for college.


  1. Player must complete a minimum of 2 consecutive years (August to August) in the program and be in good standing and be a member of the organization through high school graduation. Should a player leave the organization and return in a subsequent season, their eligibility will terminate as of the date they left, and their eligibility time will start over.

  2. Player must file an application & essay during their senior year by March 1st.

  3. Scholarships will be awarded within 30 days of receipt by the Executive Board with appropriate college enrollment verification.


  1. Player must provide proof of enrollment to an institution of higher learning.

  2. The board will agree upon the award amount. The amount of the award will be dependent upon the availability of scholarship funds.

  3. Scholarship will be a one-time award upon high school graduation.


  1. The scholarship application must be completed in its entirety and signed.

  2. The player must submit an essay titled What Sting has Meant to Me or The Effect Sting has had on My Life.


  1. A committee will be formed by the Board each year as necessary to oversee administration of the scholarship program and establish a tracking system to ensure the appropriate tracking of years for the players.

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