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September 1, 2017

Sting Fastpitch is excited to announce the addition of Screamerz Fastpitch from Lynchburg, VA starting the Fall of 2017. Screamerz have been representing the Lynchburg area and families for several years and have strong performance from all age groups. Terry Palmer the founder has been keeping an eye out for an opportunity to grow as Sting has consistently looked for opportunities to grow the footprint of what has traditionally been a Hampton Roads organization. Palmer said in a recent conversation, "this combination will be exactly what my vision has been. Grow softball in Lynchburg area and find a solid organization to partner with." "Its opportunities like this that keep softball exciting for our group. We are eager to get moving towards what the future holds with this partnership." For Sting this opportunity is somewhat endless. Speaking to Scott Haley, Director of Softball Operations and 18U Gold Coach, he said, "This continues our vision of expanding when it makes sense. Too many organizations are out there trying to juggle it all and we have often opened our doors to allow teams to benefit from us as well. I have said over the past year that combining focused efforts for the ladies is the new way of travel softball. This is the start of what we feel at Sting is the future." Haley went on to say, "Creating the first regional footprint in which their families will work alongside of the organizational efforts was important. Those families will be welcomed in as if they are our neighbors and their ladies will have the same opportunities of any young lady that lives in Tidewater." The official agreement took place last night, 9-1-2017 however both organizations wanted to be able to announce to their respective families! Currently this will allow Sting to field 9 teams for the 2017/2018 season. Welcome to the families of the Screamerz, now go STING IT UP!!!